Sunday, October 3, 2010

sPoOkY Halloween Specimen Jars

There are soooo many wonderful ideas you can find on Martha Stewart's Halloween Central.  My favorite section is the "Decorations and Crafts" tab.  This project really stood out.  It's called Specimen Jars.   It's very easy and makes a big impression, with glowing lights and smoke created from dry ice! Adults and kids alike will love this!  There is even a video available to watch her complete it step-by-step, which is better than the written instructions.  Click on Specimen Jars to see all the fun!   You can also use the little plastic animals found in dollar or craft stores in place of teeth and eyes found in costume and party stores. 

Take it further.  Customize this project for each season or holiday to make wonderful paperweights.  It will act as a home decor item with a practical use.