Saturday, July 5, 2014

eZine Review: Wild Sisterhood Tribe: Positivity

This is the first issue of Wild Sisterhood eZine that I read. I must confess I was drawn in by the juicy, colorful, eye popping illustration on the cover. When I took a look at what they were about, listed below, and the name of the group, it did grab me. I thought I'd give it a try because it sounded like a fun tribe to join and got my creative juices flowing with their colorful imagery and topics discussed.

  • We are a global community of Wild Women breaking through the superficial to revel in our oneness.
  • We are perception shifters, positivity junkies and miracle workers.
  • We commit to blazing the trail, giving back and being the change.
  • We celebrate vulnerability, authenticity and inner beauty.
  • We spark creativity and cultivate radical self-love.
  • We plant the seeds to divine inspiration, rocking transformations and soul-lifting liberation.
  • We are here to design our lives, lead by example, and inspire as many souls along the way.
  • We are our own heroes and each others biggest fans.
  • We are the wild ones, the peaceful warriors, and the world changers.
  • With stars in our eyes and roars in our hearts....We are Wild Sisters.
(For a free sneak peek into another issue, click here or on any of the links in this post, scroll down about halfway, and you'll see a section where you get an inside view.)

This issue is filled with bright, eye-popping color and the layout is very aesthetically pleasing. Its all about positivity and its chock full of information about why its critical to implement and maintain a positive attitude and the far reaching affects it has on all aspects of your life and health on every single level. It also gives concrete examples of what to do to start living a more positive life now, which isn't as easy as it sounds, and dives into action plan steps you can take to ensure what you're doing will take root. It identifies the obstacles and how to remove them if you believe you are being positive but none of your efforts seem to be working.

They demonstrate how fueling your goals with positivity also works towards manifesting your dreams and how this affects your environment and everyone in it.

There are also a couple of interesting exercises to do: one is a meditation-breathing-yoga stance; another uses 3 tarot or affirmation cards that you work with and watch as they move in alignment to achieving your goal. They act as a measure to the proximity of the goal reached.

The articles are told in story-form where a lot of the authors relied on their personal experiences and findings, while others took an objective view based on other findings. Many of the contributors are life coaches with a strong background in the creative, healing and/or natural arts.

Wild Sisterhood came to me at a great time because I was recovering from surgery and miserable with pain. Reading the issue and some of their other publications was relaxing and enjoyable.  It helped me settle in, filled my spirit, and eased my discomfort so I could get some real rest.  Some of the writings, especially from their new Devotion to Self program were personally "healing" and "poetic" to my soul. Devotion to Self is all about "giving you tools and rituals to activate your connection to your Divinity / Soul / Universe (or whatever term you prefer to call that all-knowing Oneness), which you can use anytime you need guidance or a reminder that you are loved."

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Painting the Feminine

 Mixed Media Painting
by Gloria von Gesslein

Painting the Feminine is a phenomenal online painting class that I strongly suggest anyone out there to take. It isn't really about painting. 

Its like a YaYa Sisterhood, a circle of women who come together and paint throughout the week based on the guided direction of our Fearless Leader Connie. 

As she tries to explain it, its "a place to explore various topics and ideas around the Feminine energy and how it shows up or is suppressed in our life." But, it really is much more than that. It takes such deep dives that words cannot express. 

This class is so successful, there are repeat students, which I will definitely be one of them!

Here is one of the paintings I did.

  Mixed Media Painting
by Gloria von Gesslein

  Mixed Media Painting
by Gloria von Gesslein

 Mixed Media Painting
by Gloria von Gesslein

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pure Natural Tea Infusions

Tea Infusions are a great way to make special teas at home that can be difficult to find in your area and costly at coffee and tea houses. You also get the greatest benefits from using the purest and natural ingredients.

My favorite tea is an orange tea put out by Flavia. I drink cups of it throughout the day but can only get this at work. I miss it when I'm home. Instead, I started using fresh ingredients to make my own blend of tea infusions.

My 2 favorite concoctions:

  • Orange Tea Infusion - a slice of orange with hot water poured over it. Leave the orange in the cup while you drink it. Usually, you can get 3 cups out of it.  The water turns a slight blushed orange. After the third cup, I find the water is clear.

  • Kiwi and lime - Another 2 of my favorite things in life. Yet to be tried in an infusion. Will start with a slice of each.  What attracted me to kiwi is it helps fight off depression.  If its cloudy for days on end or if my physical body feels depleted, I get very down and I don't like it. After learning this little tidbit, I started adding kiwi to my smoothies and now tea infusions to help keep me balanced during those times.
You can add anything you like, including herbs, honey, etc. Just try it and play with what you like.

Another thing I'll be creating soon, blending 3 of my favorite ingredients to create Chocolate Cheese Covered Jalapeno Peppers! Oh, my!  What heaven!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Make Cold Weather Winter Dog Booties

We're prepping ourselves for cold weather storms here in the NE.  Getting out our scarves and warm winter coats, comfy socks, mittens, hats and protective boots.  Why not do the same for our fur babies? After all, the cold grounds and salt can hurt and burn the skin on their paws, not to mention give them stomach colds which is what would happen to our dog. And, that's a mess no one wants to clean up. 
I even made a set for our cat. Her paws were like ice because we were on the bottom floor, inches from the ground where the garage used to be.  She wouldn't leave them on when she was walking but would sleep with them on when she took her long naps. 
These are my favorite links to reference. Very simple, very enjoyable to read through and easy so you can start right away. Customize her pattern for your dog's activities:

This link is very similar to the above pattern but offers lots of visuals. Simple to make in 10 minutes; and, these won't fall off their feet the way others patterns do! I also like this version because you can customize it for the length of your dog's legs. How perfect is that? 
Optional: make extra tall for deep snow, add fur trim, add a waterproof lining, add reflective patches, try different non-slip materials and make it longer on the boots. 
Also called Paw Protectors. Some reasons why they
are great to have or even needed for some dogs:


  • Keeping paws dry for dogs that don't like getting their feet wet in the rain
  • Protecting paws when walking on rough or uneven surfaces
  • Protecting paws from the heat of pavement in hot weather
  • Protecting paws from salt and other chemicals used to melt ice and snow
  • Keeping paws warm when walking in snowy or icy conditions
  • Preventing damage from scratching when medical conditions such as skin allergies arise
  • Old dogs who slip on the ice
  • Dogs with injured paws in need of protection
  • Dogs with tender toes who are sensitive to cold
  • Outdoor sporting dogs who need a little extra warmth and traction

Complied list by The Domestik Goddess and  
Picture of dog with fur trimmed booties by

Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Review: Homemade: 101 Beautiful and Useful Craft Projects You Can Make at Home

Homemade: 101 Beautiful and Useful Craft Projects You Can Make at Home
by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thompson
Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Homemade pays homage to the way we used to create things…things found around our home and in our backyards, on our walks through the parks…to make something meaningful and heartfelt for those we love.  They make use of the colors and patterns of each passing season as inspiration and arrange the chapters accordingly. Each project and idea coordinates with one of the four seasonal chapters: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.  There are no long supply lists but more "idea" or "suggestion" lists.  This book encourages you to "see things differently" and use "going to the store" as a last resort. 

I loved this book so much, I bought a copy for myself and plan or rereading it more than once.  There were so many simple ideas that reminded me of what my own Mother did while I was growing up and how she successfully made our home really feel like Home…something I find eludes many people now-a-days.     

It was enjoyable to read because it gave me a new way of looking at things and remembering it’s the little things that really mean the most.  It helped me to see that there were endless resources around me that I wasn't using.  There is a treasure of ideas shared here that left me thinking what else I could do to make a little change in my own home that would make it more welcoming to others and show my appreciation for them.   

These little touches are a part of what really transform a house into a home…ones that your own family will remember for years.  Even if it doesn't seem they appreciate it at that very moment, you'd be surprised at what touches people's hearts and what they remember after years have passed.  I know we did with our own Mom.